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PhD, and next? Career options, skills and orientations for scientists

by Natural Science.Careers

05.02.2024 – 06.02.2024

05.02.2024 – 06.02.2024; 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

So, you finally have a science degree- or will in the future. What to do with it? Are all doors open to you or is there still a lot of work to be done?

In this course you´ll learn about:

  • About yourself: Your interests, values and skills
  • Career options: There are many more options than you think and you will be able to change between them
  • Shall I do a postdoc or not?
  • Skill development: Which (hidden) skills do you already have, which can you develop during your time in academia
  • Skills match: What do employers want from you? How to sell yourself?

Trainer: Dr. Philipp Gramlich

Web: https://naturalscience.careers/de/

Venue: Walther-Straub Institute, Nußbaumstr. 26, Room U1.053

Contact: S.Resenberger@lmu.de

The successful participation of the workshop will be awarded 1.0 ECTS.